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The Representatives Came Together

Culture and Tourism Minister Mr. Nabi Avci met with tourism sector professional organizations and civil society organization administrators in Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Congress Palace on 14.01.2017 hosted by TÜROB and TÜRSAB.

Participants of this meeting were senior bureaucrats, undersecretary of the Ministry Omer Arısoy, Deputy Undersecretary Baki Alkaçar, General Director of Promotion Irfan Onal, General Director of investment and management Dr. Adnan Aslan, chief advisor to the minister Fatih Dud, Consultant Aysun Arslan President of TUREB Ahmet Zeki Apali, President of TÜRSAB Başaran Ulusoy, President of TÜROFED Osman Ayik, President of TÜROB Timur Bayındır, President of TTYD Murat Ersoy, President of TURYİD Kaya Demirer, President of TÜRES Ramazan Bingöl, vice President of TÜRÇEV Professor Dr. Bariş Mater, President of Marine Tourism Association Erkan Ozatag, Vice President of TTYD Fettah Tamince, Secretary General of TÜRSAB Cetin Gurcun and Vice President of TUROB Muberra Eresin.

In the meeting the year 2016 was assessed, expectations and actions to be taken for 2017 and beyond are discussed and put emphasis on that our citizens are more involved in domestic tourism activities every passing year and that this would be beneficial, in case of early planning and increase, both for the tourism sector and for consumers. Our president, Ahmet Zeki Apali stated that in order to reduce difficulties of the employees; tours organized mainly by municipalities and all public institutions and organizations should be in accordance with existing laws and regulations, through a travel agency with a guide, instead of night trips at least one night accommodation (stay overnight), make into enough time given programs to taste the local delicacies of the destination and that all these should be done with strict supervision, offering job and job opportunities to employees of every segment of the sector makes a big contribution both in economic and moral sense.

At the press conference after the meeting, Mr Minister Nabi Avci has made a call for domestic tourism by saying, "We recommend that our citizens make vacation plans as soon as possible and make them as cheap as possible with early reservations." We also support early reservation, mainly cultural tours and guided programs in terms of our present and future.