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Dr. Sema Ramazanoglu Visited

Our president A. Zeki Apali, Member of the Board of TUREB Esmeray Akar and TUREB supervisor Sinasi Kalyoncu visited Sema Ramazanoglu in her office on 08.02.2017, Denizli Deputy, Former Minister of Family and Social Policies, MKYK Member of the AK Party and Advisor to the Prime Minister. In our visit it was talked over about our institution and our professional group, our activities and our thoughts about the future. In addition it was spoken what can be done for the professionals who are directly affected by the problems in tourism, especially credit support will be helpful in circumventing the process; Municipalities, public institutions and MEB (the ministry of national education) adherence to the guide-agency condition on school trips; That the provincial organizations of the public institutions should be more effective on the audits, developments to be realized within the information of the Mr Prime Minister would be a big contribution to the tourism sector.

Mrs Minister stated that, this process can be circumvented with every effort done by everybody by learning lessons from the mistakes made in every step of the tourism industry in the past thus the future will be built on more solid foundations, she will do every effort in this regard, because our union offering public service, so the success would be the success of the country.