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Visit From Presidency Of Religious Affairs

Presidency of Religious Affairs Head of Mosque Services Department Selahaddin Celebi, we met before, visited our union on February 14, 2017, in order to identify the problems encountered during the mosque visits made by local and foreign tourists and to discuss the solutions, to provide accurate information about the mosques and religious services performed in the mosques.

Head of Mosque Services Department Selahaddin Celebi stated that the most frequently asked questions of tourist’s in religious sites during tourists visits were compiled and turned into booklets and they wanted to distribute these booklets to guides. Importance of cooperation with TUREB about training programs to be given to guides how to treat historical and touristic mosques while visiting them also emphasised and it was decided that the training program should be done as soon as possible.

At the meeting, the issue; mosque officials should be helpful to the guides about the problems experienced during the visit of well-known mosques like Sultanahmet, Selimiye and Suleymaniye Mosque, guides should pay attention to the prayer hours to complete the visit without disturbing the worshipers, was expressed.