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3. Cultural Council Held

With the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in order to investigate, develop, protect, sustain, spread and promote national, spiritual and cultural values ​​and contribute to the strengthening of national integrity, National Culture Council was organized at the Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Congress Centre on 03-05 March 2017 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In council commissions were met consisted by important names such as Ilber Ortayli, Ibrahim Kalin, Mehmet Genc and Nabi Avci on behalf of important national and spiritual values ​​ and reports were made on the history of our culture, the present situation and the future.

Within the scope of council, in commissions collected under 17 main headings, presentations were made by writers, artists, people of culture and academicians and a final report was prepared to constitute a basis for New Cultural Policy. Our President, A. Zeki Apal attended to council, on behalf of our Union.