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Let 2018 Be "Troy Year"

Canakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ÇTSO); Accelerated their efforts to declare the year 2018 as "Troy Year", the 20th anniversary of the Troy’s entry into the World Heritage List, to increase the sustainable tourism movement in the region and to ensure that it reaches the value it deserves on international platforms.

Support also grows rapidly while efforts continues about the international recognition of Troy Ancient City which is on the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and in order to promote cultural tourism the issue to announce the year 2018 as "Troy Year"   by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Leading NGOs and professional organizations in Istanbul have come together to declare that they will fully support the year 2018 to become Troy Year.

AKP Group Deputy Chairperson and Canakkale Deputy Bulent Turan, as well as President Zeki Apali, TURSAB President Basaran Ulusoy, TURSAB Coordinator of Foreign Relations Huseyin Baraner, Vice Presiden of TUROFED and President of Southern Marmara Touristic Hoteliers Association GUMTOB Mr. Haluk Ulusoy, Vice Presiden of Federation of Turkish Hoteliers and Touristic Hoteliers Association ETIK President Mehmet Isler, TUROB President Timur Bayindir attended the meeting organized within the scope of the campaign initiated under the leadership of Canakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ÇTSO), to announce that they will support Troy in 2018.