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2nd Extraordinary General Assembly

2nd Extraordinary general assembly was held by the Board of Directors of TUREB in accordance with the decision of the II. Ordinary General Assembly "to prepare the draft regulation", 34 Delegates were present at the Ankara GürKent Hotel on March 25, 2017. In the meeting, after the registration, formation of the council, stand in silence and the reading of the National Anthem, the items of the agenda were read to council by the President of the council. On behalf of TUREB, President Ahmet Zeki Apalı made his opening speech. TUREB legal counsel Av. Emrah Genç and Av. Halis Çıtır also attended to the meeting of the board of directors.

In the opening speech of Ahmet Zeki Apalı, "We guides prepared the current tourist guides regulation, proceedings made by the Board of Directors of TUREB. If you look at the end of the legislation manual in your hand, you will see that the execution of the directive belongs to the Board of Directors of TUREB, which shows the point where we came in legal terms. We are in the profession and bringing some editing’s in the regulation to solve the problems that occur. The Ministry is also making an editing on the parts that the legislation gives to the Ministry. We have demanded that a new "Circular" be issued by the Ministry in order to overcome the problems we have experienced in the interpretation of different parts at its local branches especially edited by the Ministry. Editing to be made in the regulation had to deal with extremely important topics such as elimination of such disruptions, re-opening of places where we needed clarification in our realm of authority. Over the past year, studies reach us from their work with own members of our chamber's, their delegates sent to you by e-mail and it is in the same way as it is in the prepared files in your hands at the moment. Unfortunately, this general assembly is being done under the controversy of "ordinary or extraordinary, single date or two dates, delegacy falls or not?" In such cases, we always discuss matters with our lawyers and act in consultation with the election board officials according to their relation. We know that in this organization again we have done the same thing, 34 delegates have signed the delegates list of present. I wish for such an important issue we could meet up with 134 delegates but not 34 and do efficient work, I would like to thank the delegates who came from different provinces for this purpose and aware of their responsibility" said.

Chairman of the Court Mehmet Severoğlu, said in his speech that there is one petition and one proposal. With the petition with the 6 signatures indicating that it was foreseen and declared 2 meetings with quorum and no quorum, delegates were convoked without a signed and notarized application of ¼ of the delegates and TUREB announced that the participants list of IRO delegates would include 61 while the number including 70 and the proposal was read which was signed by the signatures of 24 people who wanted to shut down the Extraordinary General Assembly.

The proposal was submitted to the vote and the proposal was accepted by a majority of 25 delegates and the  council was closed. Afterwards the delegates who were present, union lawyers evaluated the planned period for the General Assembly as a working meeting and worked on the items considered to be changed in the regulation.