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Happy Tourism Week

Every year the week which coincides with April 15-22 celebrated as "Tourism Week" in our country, during the week attention is paid to this area with various activities for improving the tourism awareness in the society, reviving the domestic tourism, making the people participate in the tourism movements.

Tourism is an important sector, in addition to its contributions to the country's economy, should be seen as a service export, thus ensuring that Turkey is better consonant with the world as we are the guardian of our beautiful country, the cradle of great civilizations will mediate for everyone to see. It is a center of attraction for all branches of tourism with its natural, historical and cultural richness where all the beauties of the four seasons are experienced.

Limiting tourism to only summer months; would be injustice to our natural beauties, to our history and to the culture. Therefore it is necessary to emphasize the work to spread the all months by diversifying the tourism, mainly congress and religious tourism.

There is an important task for all segments about how to overcome recession in tourism sector. We believe tourism can come to a better level, with the measures to be taken with a forward looking approach, also organizing effective promotional campaigns, which is one of the vital sectors of our economy and we celebrate Tourism Week with the hope that 2017 will be a successful year for our country's tourism.