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Happy April 23rd

To know the value of our children comes with giving them the necessary boost. Ataturk, the great leader who gave this value, presented to our children April 23 and submitted it to the children of the world as a children's day.

Today's children are the beneficiaries of the country, growing up tomorrow, and the fact will be employed in the administration of the state and the nation, actually require sensitive nurture. The forerunner of the great leader, Atatürk, did something that no one else in the world could, and presented the opening day of the Turkish Grand National Assembly to the children. He has paid attention to children and interested in their education, ensured that children's education is easy and civilized level.

In the mind of the great leader Atatürk, children are the future of the nation. As an expression of unshakable trust and great love that he has felt to them, he presented the April 23 to children which is our national holiday. April 23 is an important opportunity to be learned by new generations our proud pages of our history and to educate the new guards of the Republic that we will entrust the continuation of the Turkish State with this consciousness.

Every year we celebrate the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day with this consciousness. We should value our children and approach their all kinds of problems with love.

Let it be happy to our nation and all children.            

Atatürk, entrusting the future of the Turkish Republic to the children of republic, says: "The ability of Turkish children is above all the nations, and as the successes of Turkish ability and power of the past come to the forefront, the Turkish children will find the source of the need for them at that history. Turkish children will gain ideas of independence, they will think big successes, learn the wonderful men, they will think that they are from same flesh and blood and they will not bow to anyone with this ability. "