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Happy Mother’s Day

The most mysterious event of nature starts with birth and the first person to be met is the mother. She grows up with her love, care, kindly touching hands, lullabies, smiles. And with her child, mother's obligations increase and grow. The mother is a complex "school" that teaches ''the mother tongue'', the first information and behavior patterns for the child to move with social life. 

She is a teacher of "pre-school" age 0-7 years old. During this period, the culture people take, affects their whole life.

It is very, very difficult to tell the importance of your mother in words, to express their place in our lives. No matter how old you are, you feel mother's warmth. No one can fill her place. Mother is the closest person who supports us when we have a problem, shares happiness and grief with us. What do they expect from their children? It is only "emotional responses." They want their children to be respectful, caring, harmonious and beneficial to family and society. The "Mother's Day" adopted in the world on the second Sunday of May each year, is a reminiscent of a stronger emphasis of the constant love and respect that must be shown to mothers.

Happy "Mother's Day" to all mothers.


"Mother is like a crown on the head

Such a medicine for every illness

Even if son is a master of highness

Needs a loving mother nothing less"