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Turkey Festival Press Meeting Was Held

Tourism professionals who are preparing to organize a big Turkey festival in Moscow, the capital of Russia, explained the organization they will hold at the press conference held in Istanbul.

Attendees of the meeting held at the Hilton Bosporus Hotel on May 17, 2017 are; İrfan Önal General Director of Promotion of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, İsmal Gültekin Istanbul vice-Governor in Charge of Tourism, Osman Ayık President of TÜROFED, our President A. Zeki Apalı, President of TÜRSAB Başaran Ulusoy and General Secretary Çetin Gürcün, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Advisor Tülin Ersoz, President of TÜROB  Timur Bayındır and President of TURYİD Kaya Demirer.

The Turkey Festival coordinator Haluk Özsevim, who informed about the activities to be done, said that they are targeting 100 thousand people. Noting that the festival introductions will start on May 20, Özsevim stated that the park will be transformed into a mini EXPO area. Other representatives from the public and tourism unions participating in the meeting also expressed an important impetus will be in the Russian market with the project.

Turkey's important touristic, cultural and artistic values will take place in Turkey Festival which will be held on June 16 - 17 - 18, 2017. With the Turkey Festival, which is expected to attract approximately 100,000 visitors, a full Turkey enthusiasm will be experienced in Moscow.