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H. Alper Akin Visits TUREB

       President of Living Cities Platform Mr. Alper Akın visited TUREB.

       Mr. Akın, who visited our Union which is one of the institutions that support the Living Cities Project and he shared his latest work with our president, said, "Our project is a social project with the aim of urban development, the local resources should be protected, developed, correctly organized, correctly evaluated, providing local people added values to bring in to the country process-oriented, uninterrupted management, effective marketing of our cities and values and branding.” He said that TUREB is one of the most important actors in Turkey's tourism and therefore it is very valuable for them to have a higher professional institution working on behalf of the public in a public benefit project.

       President Apalı also stated that İzmir is a special place of his educational life, he is pleased that the project started from İzmir, he will gradually support the realization of the project, said that he believes that a world-class branding and the concept of tourism would start to settle with this project, he thanked Mr. Akın due to his visit.