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Firuz Bağlıkaya Visited Our Union

TÜRSAB Presidential Candidate Firuz Bağlıkaya visited our Association on 02.10.2017. Bağlıkaya stated that if they are elected, the tourism sector will form a structure that will sit around the same table with all the partners and solve the problems together. Bağlıkaya stated that the percentage of participation in their elections is low, even more than 500 agency owner guides and they can also serve as a bridge between TUREB and TÜRSAB. Our Union President Ahmet Zeki Apalı also stated that the problems could be solved through collaborative work and that "the problem of a partner affects other partners, how can you remain insensitive to it?" said.

During the meeting, it is decided to start a work immediately for delivering the books at museum stores to native / foreign readers that TUREB and guides write. Mutual good wishes were shared.