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Adana Flavor Festival Started

A. Zeki Apalı, who participated in the Adana Flavor Festival, held on October 6-7-8, 2017 under the care of the Governorship of Adana, said in his speech during the festival, "A tourist coming to Adana can visit historical sites such as Ulu Mosque, Yağ Mosque and Stone Bridge. He can take the cezerye and buy the local products at the Kuşpazarı. He enjoy gondolas on the Seyhan River and collects orange or mandarin from the branches in the citrus gardens. Nature enthusiasts can go to Yerköprü and Kapıkaya Canyon. They can take a snapshot on the Varda Bridge where James Bond movie was filmed.

I am not going to count all the values of Adana, but when this festival program first came to me, I enjoyed the content of the program. Obviously, a conscious study of the destination was made by the experts and it was aimed to make a tourist promotion far beyond the classical festival in the Festival of Flavors. This has impressed us very much, besides seeing here hundreds of Adana flavors the placement of cotton and citrus harvests in the programs reveals that Adana has many touristic alternatives. Of course, as much as we talk about how much different tourism values we have, in conclusion gastronomy is the common point of interest of every tourist. In this respect, as we have seen here today about the diversity of accessible flavor Adana is Turkey’s one of the leading provinces.

There is a good saying I heard here. "Half of Adana is cooking; the other half is eating it". Even this saying already shows that Adana is a food paradise by itself. Herewith we thank on behalf of attendance and Turkish guides to people of Adana who brought such a beautiful festival to Turkey. "He said.

The Adana Flavor Festival hosts Turkey's largest gastronomic festival will include gastro-shows, food workshops, concerts and many other entertainments.