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3rd Tourism Council Ended

The 3rd Tourism Council organized by Ministry of Culture and Tourism after 15 years with the slogan "High Time” in Ankara Sheraton Hotel, in between November 1-3, 2017, ended with the assessments of Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmuş. Speaking at the closing of the Council, Kurtulmuş said, "We will get 9 thousand dollars for the plane support given to the tour operators. We finished our preparation. In dead seasons we will give more to those who bring. We will give more who bring from the countries that haven't come to Turkey so far but at the high season we will give a little less. We will implement this plan. We will have different incentives and hopefully we will continue our meaningful path in the direction of your wishes, "he said.

Thirteen commissions created under the Council carried out intensive studies, a report of 1,750 pages was made and everyone participating in the meeting adopted the slogan of "High Time", Kurtulmuş said, "nothing will be wasted from what we spoke here. After saying it will be finalized as soon as possible" summarized the main themes as follows: "We have to re-examine too many legal regulations, especially some regulations that concern the Ministry's organizational law and the law of organization itself. One of these is the elimination of coordination needs among institutions and organizations. Tourism needs coordination in terms of destination and regional management. From now on, this coordination will be provided with all relevant ministers in the areas that are interested in tourism. The private sector is also an important partner in this coordination. "

2023 and 2071 targets are not said just for the sake of conversation and Kurtulmuş, who expressed that the targets in every field, in every sector will be updated, noted that 50 million tourists and 50 billion dollars of tourism revenue targets will be revised and taken upwards. Minister Kurtulmuş, explaining that in the foreground the fifth target here is incentives, "a number of incentives are needed. We will continue to update these incentives in the upcoming period, "he said.

Minister Kurtulmuş, "If we succeed speaking in the language of tourism and culture and explain to our international contacts that Turkey is extremely rich, a safe country we will strengthen the brand value of Turkey very seriously. The most important strategic third column in the upcoming period, I think this is the main issue, "he said. Kurtulmuş pointed out that it is important to create local brand value beyond creating an overall brand value of Turkey, he said, Turkey should bring a lot of value into a global brand worth that still not fully recognized in the world. Having said that Göbeklitepe is still known to very few people in the world, Kurtulmuş announced that they wanted to make Göbeklitepe also featured in a very important international documentary.

After emphasizing that the next period in tourism is "3. Stage ", Minister Kurtulmuş gave the following information: "Tourism has the three main strategic goals of the third phase. First of them is the market diversification. We will knock the doors of Far East Asian countries like China, India, South Korea, Japan, and Indonesia. There is a mass, having a high purchasing power, a growing tendency to travel in Countries in these regions, which consist half of the world's population. Expanding on these countries does not mean to neglect Turkey's traditional markets such as Europe, Russia, and Ukraine. We will continue to exist in markets traditionally. We will do all kinds of work there for further reinforcing Turkey's perception and the brand value but at the same time we will strive together with the spirit of mobilization to expand on these markets that we see as a new and powerful market."

Kurtulmuş informing that, the second leg of the strategy is making a very wide range of product diversification vary up to mountain, congress, marine, health, sports, winter tourism and also to increase Turkey’s range of products by making joint packages to be formed with neighboring countries and he notified that 3rd strategic target of Turkey is also making a positive perception of Turkey, increase the value of Turkey's brand.