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We Commemorate Great Leader Atatürk With Respect And Gratitude

The Great Leader Atatürk passed away on November 10, 1938, there is no doubt that it has caused a deep sadness to the Turkish nation. His sudden and apathetic departure did not only shake all the Turkish peoples deeply, and it caused a great repercussion among other nations throughout the world. The common point of all the explanations made by world leaders after Ataturk's death was that he was a very rare genius who came to the world, a great statesman and his works that could be example to other nations of the world. Atatürk gave direction to the Turkish National Struggle and became the biggest shareholder in winning the victory by saying "either freedom or death" with his nation.

The effect of Atatürk's bright ideas was not limited to our country alone; with enlightenment in minds that he caused and the fires of liberty that he has lit on the hearts, he set an example for all the nations that struggling for independence and led to the reshaping of the countries geographies.

With these features close examination of our Eternal Supreme Commander Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's thought structure through a scientific approach will gain new horizons for us and for the humanity of the world and at the same time will open the way to better explain him to younger generations.

Since 1938, every November 10 should be regarded besides as a day of great sadness caused by the loss of our Atatürk, as well as a day in which the need to better understand him. It must be the first duty of us to scientifically expose and implement his life, his principles and the things he wanted us to do. The Atatürk revolutions are now considered as an example in many countries. Ataturk's revolutions continue to be inspiration to many countries that have not fully won their independence. All this shows that Atatürk is an architect of universal view of the world.

Great Leader Atatürk; Our love, our respect and our enthusiasm for you will grow ever more and last forever. May god bless your soul. Lay in peace in your eternal sleep.