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International Bilecik Symposium With Brand Values

Bilecik Municipality, Bursa Bilecik Eskişehir Development Agency (BEBKA) and in cooperation with Bilecik Sheikh Edebali University held "Bilecik International Symposium with Brand Values"  between 11-15 December 2017 to provide awareness of Bilecik's brand values on national and international platforms  to raise awareness of brand values and increase its prestige and to bring Bilecik's growth momentum in key areas such as industry, agriculture, tourism, education, ecology, transportation, history and culture.

Bilecik’s resources on tourism and the work to be done were discussed, with Brand Values on the 3rd day of Bilecik Symposium. Our President Ahmet Zeki Apalı attended to symposium, in which two sessions were held and important information was given in the sense of taking concrete steps regarding province's tourism. Evaluating Bilecik and the region in terms of tourism potential, in his speech Apalı said:

'' First of all, we have to get our original sides to the foreground as a city. Destinations need to be made about Bilecik region. Serious investments have been made in Bilecik. Infrastructure is okay, superstructure is okay. But are the things made suitable for here, we need to look at this. So, we need to apply appropriate tourism plan. Should ecotourism be done? Do you have it in this area? There is. Instead of huge investments in ecotourism, it is necessary to support medium-sized managements. Structures, like family-owned hotels, home-hotels, must be constituted. People will also make money. When we look at the region as Turkey, we came to 6th place. In 2030, 2 billion people will travel. Where will go so many people? They will go to the developing countries. Which is the best of them? Turkey is.''


"Bilecik is the land where the Ottoman was established, is a great value for tourism." using these expressions Apalı. "We look at Bilecik numbers in domestic tourism. There are also Bilecik programs on all Eskişehir trips. Because the lands of the Ottoman established arouse curiosity. There are deficiencies in the Bilecik part of this destination. There are deficiencies in accommodation. I have just learned a new mushroom safari about the region. Bilecik region is very suitable for this. We can arrange this. People are paying big amount of money for it. We need to expose a more original destination in Bilecik. So, will be a great employment. Solution of our basic problem unemployment is tourism. If we had spread this tourism to all the countries, our country would not have terrorism, “he said.

Within the scope of Bilecik Municipality International Brand Values Symposium, bringing Bilecik people together with important subjects and guests which will be held between 11-15 December 2017 and at the same time organic local products belonging to the province of Bilecik were presented to people of Bilecik. Organic and regional products presented to guest's taste in 15 different stands related to mainly Bilecik, districts, towns and villages. Also within the scope of shopping days Bilecik local handicrafts, souvenirs, handmade organic products newly registered geographically trademarked and application made products were seen.

Mayor Selim Yağcı, our President Ahmet Zeki Apalı, Deputy Director General of Culture and Tourism Ministry İnanç Özkaynak, TURSAB Nature and Tourism Manager Cevdet Oğuz, Bilecik Provincial Deputy Director of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Kocabıçak, Bilecik Museum Director Harun Küçükaydın, municipal unit managers and citizens, visited the shopping area and got information about the products.