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11th Development Plan Preparatory Studies Started

Preparatory work for the 11th Development Plan, which will be carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Development, has started. As part of preparatory studies, measures to be taken increasing national income on the one hand, on the other hand, it will be ensured that the created revenues are shared in a more balanced manner between the social sectors and the regions.

During the preparatory studies of the 11th Development Plan; the areas where our country has development potential and the proposals for the evaluation of these areas will be discussed in a comprehensive and detailed manner. One of the important elements of the preparation period of the development plan is the Specialization Commissions. The results, evaluation and recommendations, obtained from the work of Specialization Commissions that Private sector, civil society representatives and the academic circles come together, will contribute to the preparation of the Plan. Comprehensive studies of the commissions to be established under the preparations for the Eleventh Development Plan; the policy in the plan will shed light on the determination of targets and strategies.

In this respect, it is expected that discussions will be continued in the context of the determination of the new term tourism policy of our country and the updating of the Tourism Strategy in line with this, in the Tourism Specialization Commissions, which was established in order to realize the transformation in the tourism sector within the scope of the 11th Development Plan preparations.

The first phase of the Tourism Specialization Commission (TSC) Meeting, which will be held in two stages in the 11th Development Plan preparation period, was held in Ankara on December 14-15, 2017. Our president A. Zeki Apalı, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Birkan and Prof. Dr. Muharrem Tuna attended the Commission Meeting.