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Our President's Uzbekistan Contacts Continues

Our president, A. Zeki Apalı, will be in official visit in Uzbekistan on December 18-23, 2017 as the invitation of the State of Uzbekistan in order to develop international tourism and to establish a guiding structure in Uzbekistan. In this context, Apalı shared his experiences, participating as a speaker to the Conference in Bukhara State University Tourism Faculty between December 18-19, 2017, about guiding legislation and union structure in Turkey to be adapted in Uzbekistan. Botirjon Z. Shakhriyorov, deputy governor in charge of Bukhara Regional Tourism Development, also attended the conference. On December 19, 2017, our President took part in the training trip made in Bukhara.

Dean of the Faculty of Tourism of the State University with Prof. Dr. Juraev Abror was met in the program which last two days in Bukhara. Our President was accompanied by Bukhara Guides Center President Sobirjon Ruziev throughout the program.

A seminar was given to a group of Uzbek guides and university officials at the State University Assembly Hall in Samarkand about the development of tourism in Turkey, definition of the guiding profession by law and the formation of professional organizations. It is indicated; close interest of Professor Dr.  Muxtor Gafarovich vice Rector of the Samarkand State University, one of the most essential universities in the country, lean towards to proposal of the cooperation in the scope of guiding and tourism education, requests out of scope of authority of TUREB will be forwarded to the relevant institutions in Turkey. Guide Mustafa Yalçın Yalçınkaya also made interesting presentations in Russian Language titled Turkey's tangible / intangible cultural assets and guiding in Turkey. Dean of the Faculty of Philology of the University Prof. Dr. Jaliboy Eltazarov, expert in the field of economics Prof. Dr. Turaev Bahodir Khatamovich and the governor authorities often spoke about expectation to use of any kind of experience for development in the field of tourism.

On the last day, a theoretical training seminar was given to Uzbek guides in the classes of Tourism Training Center in Tashkent. Meetings were also held with Director of the Center Elena Golisheva, Teaching assistant Barno Mammetova, and Tourism Expert Anvar S. Yusupov. After lunch, practical training was given to the guides on the field.

As a result, it was expressed by the parties that there is a great potential for tourism in Uzbekistan, mutual development of this, in case guiding education in Turkey and structuring of professional organizations experiences are shared rapid developments will occur for the benefit of both countries.