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Child Friendly Tourism Meeting

            A panel titled "Development of Child Friendly Tourism Applications and Children's Policy in Travel and Tourism" was organized by the International Children's Center in Ankara on February 16, 2018 at the '' Child Friendly Tourism '' meeting. Our President A. Zeki Apalı, ALTİD Board Member Ayşegül Karaca, TÜRSAB Youth Tourism Committee Chairman Hakan Sönmezöz, TUROYD President Alican Aksu, ANTOD President Savaş Çolakoğlu and SKAL Ankara President Hasan Bozkurt attended to the panel.

            Speaking at the panel Apalı, “Turkey’s historical and archaeological values are being destroyed. Well, by whom? Because of child tours, the organized tours in Turkey have to be done with an agency and in company with a guide. Guide has to direct a student community that does not know how to visit a place, if something goes wrong has to inform the agency. Tours organized by schools without guide are causing destruction of historical and archaeological areas. History teacher organizing tour by saying '' I know history better than you do ‘‘. This should not be allowed. We need children to inspire travel cultures, and to teach not to damage historical values from a young age. If this is not done, they cause more damage in later ages. We will train our guides on child friendly tourism. I propose that the name of the project is not 'child friendly tourism' but 'tourism friendly child' he said.

            Within the scope of the Child Friendly Tourism Project, works are being made to strengthen the understanding of a safe tourism and to prevent child violence and exploitation in tourism.

          President of TUREB, Ahmet Zeki Apalı, stated that they want to come into prominence with education and training as TUREB. Apalı emphasized the role of tourist guides in raising child friendly tourism as much as tourism friendly children and how important it is for children to travel in the country at a young age. Apalı; suggested realization of educative training to educate tourist guides related to TUREB in Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya.