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Atatürk Visited On World Guides’ Day

A ceremony was held at Anıtkabir to present our respect to Atatürk by TUREB on the occasion of February 21, World Guides Day. The ceremony began with the signing Anıtkabir Private Notebook by our President A. Zeki Apalı and placing a wreath on Ataturk's mausoleum. After standing in silence, the memorial picture was taken with the invited guests. The President and members of ANRO, Gazi University Tourism Faculty students and many guests attended the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony A. Zeki Apalı had a talk with the students of Tourism Guidance Department and answered their questions.

Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmuş has published a message on account of World Guides Day.

Minister Kurtulmuş's message is as follows:

"The tourism sector is a vital resource for Turkey advancing the 2023 targets in a stable manner. The guiding profession, one of the pillars that tourism has risen on, has an important role in terms of functionality and continuity of the industry.


Guiding is a difficult job that requires self-sacrifice, which is not a regular overtime, and requires service in different conditions and areas. Tourist guides are obliged to provide a culture, set of values, and inter societies-spaces-periods communication beyond information transfer. The first stage of Turkey's image and the first subject for promotion of these lands and our people as a brand both domestically and abroad.

The needs and problems of our guides of such importance are our priorities. Our Ministry considers the demands of our guides to make your profession make progress.

I would like to thank to our dear guides, the voice of our tourism and culture on the occasion of World Guides Day and I congratulate them with my best wishes. "