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Happy March 8, International Women's Day

For women to have a say in every aspect of life and become stronger by protecting the human rights of women, increasing the representation of women in political, social and economic contexts is an important focus in the development of democracy. Despite today's international conventions and the politics followed at the national level, women are subject to violence and discrimination all over the world; Instead of being a constructive subject in education, health, politics and decision-making, they are subordinated, economic activities of women face obstacles; exploited as a sexual object in the media and in the advertising world; be subject to discrimination and exclusion due to cultural, political, economic, ideological or religious reasons. Saying stop to all these discriminations and violations of women's rights is duty of all of us and our common responsibility.

We congratulate all women on March 8, International Women's Day, especially women guides, with the desire to reach the days for the elimination of violence against women, all kinds of injustice that injure human dignity, that we will fight against injustice with democracy and justice that reach the days when social peace is established.