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Çanakkale Is Impassable!!

It is clear that the victory of the Çanakkale is a war for human honor. There is not only armed struggle in the Çanakkale War; there is a struggle for honor of humanity. Hero Robin also gave lessons on humanity to the enemy.

The heroic Turkish soldier took the enemy soldiers who were wounded during this war on their back and took them back of the front. In doing so, he has also had the risk of becoming a clear target. Our national unity and solidarity have enabled us to connect with each other and win the battle and has not let us forget humanity and let us show our enemies what humanity is.

When the Turkish army commanded by the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk commanded a struggle of every second equals one thousand on the sea and on the land, the desire for not to be deprived of the honor of living under the Turkish flag of future generations as well as the love of motherland in the hearts of all our martyrs and veterans lie. This desire has been an insurmountable power wall that fills the Çanakkale Front from the beginning: "I do not command you to attack, I command you to die. Till the time we die, other forces will come to our place, and other commanders may be dominating." We commemorate all our martyrs, especially the martyrs who say "Çanakkale is mpassable" with respect, gratitude and mercy. Rest in peace.