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Happy Tourism Week

Tourism is very important in terms of the development, natural resources and cultural wealth of a country and our country is very lucky in this matter, which is surrounded by seas from three sides and surrounded by quite unique areas. For example, although there seem to be more studies on marine tourism in our regions such as Aegean and Mediterranean, there are many places to visit in historical sense.

There are structures bearing the traces of civilizations that have been going on for thousands of years apart from historical and touristic fields when we look at our other regions. Many civilizations have ruled and dominated in these lands, which have been the home of mankind for thousands of years. In this respect, the traces left by these civilizations have to be opened and reintroduced to tourism due to the attractiveness of many other local and foreign tourists. Our country has quite favorable conditions due to the fact that it has four seasons in terms of tourism and has suitable conditions. In this respect, it is possible to benefit from all the advantages of tourism.

Every year, during the tourism week held in between April 15 - 22, the contributions to the economy of the country made by tourism, subject such as information about the effects of foreign exchange on development, and the protection of historical and touristic areas are discussed.

To overcome the recession experienced in the tourism sector all walks (of life) has important tasks. We also celebrate Tourism Week with the hope of a successful year for the tourism of our country in 2018, with effective publicity campaigns to be arranged along with measures to be taken with an advanced-sighted approach, and the tourism of our economy can come to a better level.