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Good Luck Visit To The Ankara Provincial Culture And Tourism Directorate

President A. Zeki Apalı made a Good Luck Visit to Kamil Özer in his office who was appointed to the Ankara Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism. During the visit, joint work to be carried out in Ankara, walking routes, the creation of excursion programs and collaborations with sector representatives were discussed. In addition, Özer gave information about the intangible Cultural Heritage Promotion Days event, which will be held at the Ataturk Cultural Center under the auspices of the Ankara Governorship, to introduce UNESCO protected cultural values to be held between 26-29 April. The arts such as the blowing of glass, the art of calligraphy, wooden carving, and copper work will be seen in the activities that will be realized in accordance with tradition and customs; the rituals such as henna night, army farewell, groom shavings which are still important in Anatolia.