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Happy 19 May

The date of 19 May, on which Ataturk left Istanbul with Bandırma Ferry, arrived to Samsun, is very important because of being the date on which our War of Independence has started.

National rearing which Great Leader Ataturk, who was a lover of freedom and independence, started while risking the threat of distraction with his people, eventually came to the desired conclusion; we came to these days owing to our great people who lived through tough days of those years. Being worthy of Ataturk and our people, who commended the future of the Republic of Turkey which has been established with great sacrifices and thousands of martyrs, should be our greatest duty.

We should be in determination and persistence of going further than ever by protecting the republican regime, which puts the will of the nation at the center and is the regime of our country, in the light of Ataturk’s principles and reforms.

Ataturk stated his belief on us in the most beautiful way by declaring 19 May his birthday, listed our shares one by one for our state, which is a free and independent country, to stay independent and free forever in his Address to Youth. Each young Turk will fulfil their duty with reading, understanding and applying Ataturk’s Address to Youth, will not betray the belief in them.

With these feelings and thoughts, we commemorate Great Leader Ataturk, his comrades and our sacred martyrs who sacrificed their lives willingly for this country with mercy, gratitude and respect; we wish happy 19 May the Commemoration of Ataturk Youth and Sports Day for our people, especially the youth.