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We Congratulate Our Minister of Culture and Tourism, Dear Mehmet Ersoy

We wish success for all our Ministers who have taken their place in the new council and desire them to be beneficent for our country and nation, especially for Mehmet Ersoy, our Minister of Culture and Tourism, who comes from the inside of the sector as one of the most important owners of a travel agency and a hotel and, who highly knows nearly all areas of tourism such as agencies, guides, transportation and accommodation.

Besides, we owe thanks to and present our respects to our former Ministers Mahir Unal, Nabi Avci and Numan Kurtulmus, who rapidly became familiar with the sector and contributed to it with their governmental experiences.

We hope that our new Minister will out the self-dynamics of the sector in motion, make an effort to put the tourism within the first three ranking in the world league and enable a fair approach among the shareholders of the sector, and we wish our Minister success.