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Collaboration Protocol Between Tureb And Tursab Was Signed

A collaboration protocol was signed between our Union and Association of Turkish Travel Agencies with the purposes of prevention of illegal agency and guidance activities, enabling support for the publicity of Turkey and upgrading the service quality in tourism in Istanbul on 4 September 2018.

Our president A. Zeki Apali, TURSAB president Firuz Baglikaya, TURSAB and TUREB board members, tourist guides and press participated in the collaboration protocol ceremony which is organized with the leadership of Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

TURSAB president Firuz Baglikaya who made the opening speech of the ceremony emphasized that the sector had a successful season this year and stated that “we welcomed 21.6 million tourists in the first 7-month period. Numerical data has not yet been announced but, we estimate a currency income of more than 15 billion dollars has been enabled. We give more importance to tourism and infrastructure works in order to sustain this nice view. We closely monitor the needs of the sector. We start an important collaboration in order for the guests coming to our country get an accurate, full and problem-free service.”

President Baglikaya, who underlined that a system which approximately 7.500 registered agencies and guides will benefit from is established, talked about the services mentioned in the collaboration protocol and stated that:

"As two sectors which have a law base, we came together for the improvement of tourism sector, our institutions becoming suitable for the contemporary conditions, formation of digital infrastructure regarding the auditing and development of joint projects regarding social responsibility. We will be solving one of the important problems of tourism sector, quality education, through this collaboration. We will cooperate for our students who received guidance education to make their mandatory internships in registered agencies. Besides, we went through a duration that an agency looks for a guide while the guide is looking for an agency. Sometimes agencies cannot find guides, while our guides cannot find an agency to work at. We formed a digital platform regarding this. This platform will come into play on Monday. We prepared a platform on which information is shared, guides who are looking for a tour or a job will put their names, also agencies will put where and on which subject they are looking for a guide, and therefore two sides will find each other. 7.500 agencies will register with their agency certification number and identification information which we will determine, and they will have the opportunity to reach any number of guides registered there.”

TURSAB President Firuz Baglikaya recorded that they are continuing their interventions for the illegally functioning agencies and guides and added that they sent more than 100 certification cancellation cases to the ministry. Baglikaya stated that “as in all different professions, there are people who try to be a guide while they are an agency and vice versa. Therefore, now we have the right to detect and disqualify these people with another good cooperation. We sent more than 100 license cancellation cases to the ministry. We are continuing.”

Our president Ahmet Zeki Apali said that they are giving importance to the protocol signed and stated that “We think that tourist guides must take a more effective role in the publicity of the country. There is a point in the protocol, which is very significant for us: Guides who are in face to face contact with the guests on tours. In order for the publicity of the country and development in the tourism sector to be more sustainable and to be carried higher, we thought that visuals of guests who have been popular in their groups can be recorded with their permission and used in internal and external publicity organizations. Our collaboration will be important in terms of filling in the missing parts. Thus, the main point here is, collaboration is very important for two law-based institutions in tourism sector. After Mr. Firuz and his team came to power, we gave this high importance. We think alike. Therefore, give high importance to the protocol. I wish it success.”