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Tureb Election Was Held. Our President: A. Zeki APALI (18.07.2013)

As a result of first ordinary general meeting of TUREB- Union of Tourist Guides' Chambers held on July 18, 2013; the official results are as follows.

As a result of general board, ARO’s second president A. Zeki Apalı was elected as the president of TUREB. We congratulate and wish him success.


TUREB President
A. Zeki APALI: 83 Votes

Administrative Board 
Hakan Eğinlioğlu: 81 Votes
Sami Yılmaz: 72 Votes
Cenk Cengiz: 69 Votes
Mehmet Ulusoy: 68 Votes 

Supervisory Board
Ahmet Mümtaz Maden: 88 Votes
Hadi Tekay Votes
İsa Levent Gürçavdı: 83 Votes

Disciplinary Board
Asmen Yalçın Kaya: 79 Votes
Tolga Olay: 74 Votes
Esmeray Akar: 62 Votes

Lawyers of  Disciplinary Board
Ali Çelik: 124 Votes
Özden Başak: 70 Votes 

Additionlly,it was determined as the result of voting in the general board that Ankara is the center of TUREB. As to TUREB membership fee, it was decided that the chambers having maximum 100 people don’t pay due and  the chambers having between 100 and 250 members pay five percent.

We congratulate and wish them success.