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Step By Step TUREB

Step By Step TUREB

Step By Step The Foundatıon Of TUREB

(18 Temmuz 2013 – 28 Şubat 2014)

According to the Law Profession of Tourist Guiding enacted on 22.06.2012 after it was published in official gazette, this is written to inform our delegates and tourist guides about the structure of the union, the problems and feeds.

Approximately 150 delegates are participated in this election in İstanbul. We came into office as a new administrative on 30.07.2013 after taking the certificate of election.

We visited undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Özgür Özaslan, deputy secretary Faruk Şahin and Nihat Gül, general director of AREGEM Ahmet Arı, deputy general director Nusret Tutan, head of Tourism Guiding Department Faruk Daştanoğlu, branch manager of Tourism Guiding Department Nayim Yenice on 31 July 2013 and 1 August 2013.

We started to work by listing the things to do for the union. The Administrative Board of the Union and other boards gathered and made task sharing. That’s to say, the union started to work with all of its boards.

We started to create a new web site. Then our legal advisor started to give service on 01.09.2013 and so regulation procedures gathered speed. We met with the academicians of the department of Tourist Guiding.

We rented an office in Kızılay and we have started to carry on business with two employees since 01.10.2013.

We shared TUREB’s contact informations with all the tourism stakeholders, provincial culture and tourism offices and the governors.

We made first stage of national tour and this tour contained Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions. In addition to this, we made special training programs for the tourist guides in different provinces such as Ankara, Gaziantep, Nevşehir, Çanakkale.

We made an exam for the tourist guides and students receiving education in the department of tourist guiding. This exam included 22 different languages and nearly 1200 people participated in it.

With the start of new year, we contracted with a professional team in order to provide consultancy services in social security and financial issues.

Second Meeting of the Chamber of Deputies was made on 17.01.2013 and very next day Extraordinary General Meeting was held.

Nayim Yenice started to work as a general secretary. We celebrated ‘’International Tourist Guiding Day’’ on 21th February in Ankara. We see that the Union of Tourist Guides’ Chambers is known far and wide.

In addition to them, we made many meeting and we participated in many programs. I want to inform you about what we have made since seven months and l want share all of them with you.

Respectfully announced to our collegues.


TUREB President