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Attention To Tourism Community

Attention To Tourism Community

As TUREB, we are worried about unfriendly matters which can be resulted from tension between Russia and Ukraine during their holiday in our country. We would like to share some approved suggestions so as to prevent potential problems.

The transfers of the Russian and Ukrainian should be made separately by the tour operators as much as possible; if it is not so, transfer man should be more careful in this regard and ready for potential problems.

The necessary measures should be taken in order to control alcoholic beverage consumption in hotels and restaurants and the staff should be informed on this point.

The same vehicle should not be prefered during the tour; in cafe of using same vehicle, the tourist guides should be discreet and calm.

Tradesmans  awareness on this issue should be raisen and the necessary measures should be taken to prevent the tensions by the governors and district governorships.

As a result, peace is an important element for tourism. It makes undeniable contributions to the peace and also makes people more closer regardless of their language, religion and race.

We hope that Mustafa Kemal Atatürks idea ‘’ Peace at home, peace in the world ’’ is adopted all over the world.

Best regards,

TUREB Administrative Board