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2018 Working Card Application Notification

During working card applications year 2018 to avoid the intensity it is necessary to complete the membership procedures for the guides who are not yet members of RBS. In order to facilitate the membership process,

- Even though the RBS access codes, we have sent to the chambers, cannot be added to the chambers web pages due to technical problems, even guides did not create user accounts before, create new accounts by entering https://rehber.tureb.org.tr,

-  In order to create a user, firstly enter your T.R. identification number and certificate number,

- After the e-mail address, GSM number, user name and password have been specified in the coming page, verification code received to GSM number to be written where relevant,   approval and completion on the next page. (The GSM number must be written without error, since the confirmation code will be sent to the GSM number to be entered).

 - To get the verification code for the guides living abroad, at the time of application enter a GSM number that is in the country, then update the GSM number from the system,

- Your e-mail address should be a commonly used address (It is important that the address is correct since informational mail about the processes will be sent after the application.)

- After completing the membership process uploading the photo by entering the system, (The digital record of the biometric photo sized as 1512 * 1890 pixels is sent to the mail address of the guide at the same time by the studio worker taking the photograph, the downloading of the sent photo to the computer and uploading to the RBS)   (Guides, who will do their own sizing work on the photo, can use http://www.resizenow.com/)

- Because blood group information is compulsory guides who do not know their blood groups should learn blood group before the application,

- Checking communication, school information and correcting mistakes or deficiencies, (If there are errors in the region and language information that can be edited by chambers it is necessary to connect with the chambers in case of error).

• It is necessary to create the user name and password during the membership process so that it will not be forgotten.

 Even if the guides do not apply for a working card in 2018, it is important that they create a user account, enter the RBS to upload their current photos, check the authenticity of their information, and update their information through their chambers if there is a problem.