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Information On Language Exams

The language examinations conducted by our Union are carried out in accordance with the current laws and regulations by the instructors who are experts in their field and under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. After the exams one of the first complaints is "TUREB exams are the last remaining obstacle to be guide; we have no other options, etc. “. However, candidates may also take the Foreign Language Placement Examination (YDS) or other equivalence examinations administered by ÖSYM according to the provisions of the current law and regulation. If they get enough points from any of these exams, they have the right to apply to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the "license" with other documents. The authority to issue and regulate licenses is in the Ministry and not in the possession of our Union.

It is announced To Whom It May Concern about language exams opened on demand by TUREB and carried out under the supervision of the Ministry. 

We wish you success,

TUREB Board of Directors