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2018 Foreign Language Placement Exam And Language Adding Exam Calendar

Dear candidate

Exam will be held at; Ankara High School (Near the Ethnography Museum and opposite the Numune Hospital Emergency Service).

           During the foreign language placement and language adding exams made by TUREB between January 31 and February 3, 2018; you have to be present at the place where the examination will be held 15 minutes before the examination time, and you need to receive the "Examination entering ID Card" prepared by TUREB from our personnel who are in charge by signature. It is compulsory to submit a valid identification card (identity card, driver's license, and passport) with the Examination entering ID card issued by TUREB to the examination committee.

As soon as the oral examinations are completed and the exam commission officers submit the results, "Oral Examination Results" will be announced at the examination place and on the web page, and the successful ones will be entitled to enter the written examination. As the announced oral and written hours are close to each other and depending on the number of participants since it is calculated exams will be finalized early, it is suitable that those who entered the examination from these languages will not leave the exam place after the oral examination.

Official transactions for memberships of the commission are continuing and necessary announcements will be made as soon as it becomes definite. If the commission cannot be established for some languages, the exam fees will be refunded to applicants from these languages.

We wish you success...

NOTE: The candidates who will have English exam planned like that; on daily explained lists the first two days (31 January - 01 February 2018) first 45 people before lunch, remaining 45 people after lunch; the last 67 people were scheduled to take the exam on the third day (02 February 2018). Making no unnecessary waiting and crowding at the examination site will be correct both for exam attendees and officials.           

*  Check your names, foreign languages / languages you will enter and the exam type; Please inform our Union in case of any deficiency or inaccuracy.