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3rd Tourism Council Book Published

Tourism Councils were held in Ankara; the first on October 20-22, 1998 and the second on April 12-14, 2002 in order to determine the necessary strategies, to raise image and brand value in an international competitive environment with the focus on domestic and foreign tourism in Turkey one of the countries with the unique cultural, historical and natural riches.

"3rd Tourism Council” was held in between November 01 - 03, 2017, in order to evaluate the current situation of the tourism sector and to create a national tourism policy for the future, with the participation of public institutions and organizations, tourism professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, tourism sector and academic community.

The book of notifications concerning 3rd Tourism Council has been published and you can examine them in chapters in the documents section.

Source: http://turizmsurasi.kulturturizm.gov.tr