A collaboration protocol was signed between our Union and Association of Turkish Travel Agencies with the purposes of prevention of illegal agency and guidance activities, enabling support for the publicity of Turkey and upgrading the service quality in tourism in Istanbul on 4 September 2018.

Happy Victory Day

30 August 1922 is the date on which the Victory Epic was written against the forces who wanted to make Turkish nation slaves by a war altogether with women, children and the army.

Bless Greater Eid

Eids are fruitfulness, hope and longing. Tomorrows are intention. May all the sacrifices you made be accepted and your loved ones always be with you… Bless and happy Greater Eid.

Our president Ahmet Zeki Apali, Our Member of Board and Antalya Chamber of Tourist Guides (ARO) president Hayati Korucu, ARO Board Member Ufuk Patur, ARO Secretary General Bilal Bilaloglu visited Antalya Deputy Governor who is responsible from tourism Dear Nurettin Ates on 11.07.2018.

We wish success for all our Ministers who have taken their place in the new council and desire them to be beneficent for our country and nation, especially for Mehmet Ersoy

“Ice Cream and Desert Festival” which will be organized between 29 June and 1 July 2018 in Ankara opened its doors to visitors. Ankara Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Dr. Kamil Ozer, our president A. Zeki Apalı, TURSAB Discipline Board Chairperson Kilicarslan Karapiçak and many tourism representatives participated in the festival the opening of which is realized on 29 June 2018.

The third stated meeting of Tourism Counsel Board (TCB) which is held to increase the cooperation between tourism sector representatives and to support the development of the sector was held in Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Center on 21 June 2018.

Happy Father’s Day

He always has his love which cuddles and protects us. The trust which never leaves us whatever we do. Sometimes he is our best friend, sometimes our heartbreaks. However, in any case, he is our heartbeat. He is the first strong, decisive, po-faced, protective and reliable man we know.

Eid Mubarak

We bless Eid Mubarak in which we share friendship, love and future, our food, bread, table, sadness, pain, loneliness, and with which we will feel our solidarity and unity, brotherhood and friendship in the warmest way, and may the peace be with you.

Due to the change in the program of the Minister, TUREB-TURSAB Cooperation Protocol, which was planned to be signed on 04 June 2018, is postponed to a further date. The date will be announced when determined.

With the participation of The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Numan Kurtulmus, a protocol on publicity organizations, improvement of museums and archeological sites and bringing tourism to a higher level in the country will be signed between our association and TURSAB on 04 June 2018.

Prepared by Turkish Travel Agencies Association, Bilir Tourism and Consultancy Inc., Abelya Tourism Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd., Ark Consultancy, Tourism Translation Construction Press Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd., and Bukla Tourism and Trade Ltd. And our union, and effectuated by being promulgated on 26.12.2014 and with number 29217:

Our president Ahmet Zeki Apali, Board member Esmeray Akar and one of our legal advisors, attorney Emrah Genc carried out a meeting with the presences of TURSAB board chairperson Firuz Baglikaya, Board Member M. Nezih Hacialioglu and Coordination and Marketing Group Head Levent Demirel.

Happy 19 May

The date of 19 May, on which Ataturk left Istanbul with Bandırma Ferry, arrived to Samsun, is very important because of being the date on which our War of Independence has started.

Our president Ahmet Zeki Apali, paid a visit to Artvin on 17-18 May 2018 with the initiatives of Artvin Chamber of Industry and Commerce in accordance with 2023 strategic plans of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.