Attention To Tourism Community As TUREB, we are worried about unfriendly matters which can be resulted from tension between Russia and Ukraine during their holiday in our country. We would like to share some approved suggestions so as to prevent potential problems.

Step By Step TUREB

(18 Temmuz 2013 ? 28 Şubat 2014) According to the Law Profession of Tourist Guiding enacted on 22.06.2012 after it was published in official gazette, this is written to inform our delegates and tourist guides about the structure of the union, the problems and feeds.

Happy Tourism Week

Happy Tourism Week As it is known to all, tourism week is annual event, which takes place between 15 April and 22 April in order to raise the tourism consciousness of the public and boost the domestic tourism.

All Of The Tourist Guides Are Covered By An Insurance Policy

The First Book Of TUREB Publicatıons Is Come Out

The information trip for our Union and Chambers was organized within the scope of the ?? Brand City Sivas project and under the coordinatorship of Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate with the support of Governorship of Sivas, Municipality of Sivas,

The Historical Areas Are Beautiful When They Are Clean Environmental cleaning activity was conducted for the public weal in the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park on 29th October 2013 by the Chamber of Çanakkale Regional Tourist Guides? bootstraps.

As a result of first ordinary general meeting of TUREB- Union of Tourist Guides' Chambers held on July 18, 2013; the official results are as follows.