Happy May 19th

May 19, 1919 is a major turning point for the Turkish nation. Because May 19, 1919, after the First World War on days when our land was occupied by foreigners, this is the date when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk went to Samsun with Bandırma Steamboat in search of a solution.

Tourism professionals who are preparing to organize a big Turkey festival in Moscow, the capital of Russia, explained the organization they will hold at the press conference held in Istanbul.

Happy Mother’s Day

The most mysterious event of nature starts with birth and the first person to be met is the mother. She grows up with her love, care, kindly touching hands, lullabies, smiles. And with her child, mother's obligations increase and grow.

Happy Labor Day

May 1 is Labor Day with the name known all over the world and in our country. In accordance with the decision taken by Parliament (TBMM) in April 2008, "Labor and Solidarity Day" is celebrated in our country as an official feast day.

Happy April 23rd

To know the value of our children comes with giving them the necessary boost. Ataturk, the great leader who gave this value, presented to our children April 23 and submitted it to the children of the world as a children's day.

Happy Tourism Week

Every year the week which coincides with April 15-22 celebrated as "Tourism Week" in our country, during the week attention is paid to this area with various activities for improving the tourism awareness in the society, reviving the domestic tourism, making the people participate in the tourism movements.

President of TUREB Ahmet Zeki Apali visited the Tourism Promotion Platform (TUTAP) Headquarter and talked with TUTAP President Fikret Yildiz. In this meeting,

Presidency of Religious Affairs Head of Mosque Services Department Selahaddin Celebi, we met before, visited our union on February 14, 2017, in order to identify the problems encountered during the mosque visits made by local and foreign tourists and to discuss the solutions, to provide accurate information about the mosques and religious services performed in the mosques.

Our President A. Zeki Apalı and General Secretary Kevser Afşar visited Members of the Board of Audio Description Association Av. Olgun Yılmaz and Çiğdem Banu Yeşilırmak in their office on 14.04.2017.

2nd Extraordinary general assembly was held by the Board of Directors of TUREB in accordance with the decision of the II. Ordinary General Assembly "to prepare the draft regulation", 34 Delegates were present at the Ankara GürKent Hotel on March 25, 2017. In the meeting, after the registration, formation of the council, stand in silence and the reading of the National Anthem, the items of the agenda were read to council by the President of the council.

18 March 1915 Çanakkale Victory, one of the most important events that marked the history of Turkish and world history, is a heroic history of mankind in terms of being an unforgettable memory of a glorious struggle that a nation gives in unity.

Our President A. Zeki Apalı visited İzmir Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Murat Karaçanta in his office.

We congratulate women's day of all women, our women who are the symbol of altruism, trust and love, wishing to find a solution to their difficulties as immediate as possible.

Canakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ÇTSO); Accelerated their efforts to declare the year 2018 as "Troy Year", the 20th anniversary of the Troy’s entry into the World Heritage List, to increase the sustainable tourism movement in the region and to ensure that it reaches the value it deserves on international platforms

With the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in order to investigate, develop, protect, sustain, spread and promote national, spiritual and cultural values ​​and contribute to the strengthening of national integrity, National Culture Council was organized at the Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Congress Centre on 03-05 March 2017